January 17, 2017

Bobbie Spencer's Grey and Black Tweed Jacket - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 01/10/17

Last week on General Hospital, Bobbie chatted with Carly at the Metro Court. Later, she faced off with Nelle, and vowed to protect her family. These scenes were great. I love that Bobbie is so suspicious of sneaky Nelle. During this episode, Bobbie was wearing a grey and black tweed jacket with raw edge trim by White House Black Market. It's out of stock online right now, but you might still find it in stores.

I love Barbara Jean Spencer.

Nina Reeves's Orange Keyhole Dress with Bell Sleeves - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 01/11/17

Last week on General Hospital, Nina and Charlotte chatted at the Metro Court. Valentin arrived and told Charlotte that he and Nina got married at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. He then asked Charlotte to help them exchange their wedding rings. During these scenes, Nina was wearing an orange sheath dress with a keyhole neckline and 3/4 length bells sleeves by Black Halo. It's currently out of stock online.

January 16, 2017

Sam Morgan's Ivory Thermal Top - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 01/10/17

Last week on GH, Sam questioned Ava and tried to figure out if she was behind the car bomb that killed Morgan. During these scenes, Sam was wearing an off-white thermal top with a swingy fit, scoop neck, and thumbhole sleeves by Free People. Sam's Malibu Thermal Top also comes in a variety of other colors, including black, blue, brown, olive green, mint green, purple, red, silver (light blue), and taupe (beige).

Here's a closer view of the texture, thumbhole sleeves, and back seam:

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January 14, 2017

Carly Corinthos's Off-White Star Sweater - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 01/05/17

Last week on General Hospital, Carly arrived at work on New Year's Day after having breakfast with Sonny. She spoke with Nelle, who questioned Carly about her New Year's Eve. Carly happily answered that she and Sonny has a breakthrough. During these scenes, Carly was wearing an off-white sweater with open knit stars and a deep scoop neckline by Zadig & Voltaire. Carly's merino wool sweater also comes in black.

Maxie Jones's Black Sheath Dress with Faux Leather Trim - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 01/04/17

Last week on GH, Maxie and Nathan talked at Crimson about their postponed wedding. Later, they were stunned when Nina told them she married Valentin, and Maxie rushed off to call Lulu and give her the news. During these scenes, Maxie was wearing a black dress with a boat neck, cap sleeves, and shimmery faux leather trim at the neckline and waist by The Kooples. Maxie wore her sheath dress previously. A nearly identical dress with real leather trim by the same designer is available here and here.

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Nina Reeves's Burgundy Wool Trench Coat - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 01/04/17

Last week on General Hospital, Nina arrived at Crimson and found Maxie working. She told Nathan to take Maxie home to recover from her illness. When flowers addressed to a bride were delivered to the office, Maxie mistakenly thought they were from Nathan, but the flowers were really for Nina. Consequently, Nina had to explain that she and Valentin got married on New Year's Eve, stunning Maxie and Nathan with the unexpected news.

During these scenes, Nina was wearing a burgundy wool trench coat by Theory. Nina also has the pink version of this coat, which she wore previously. In addition, the coat comes in black, grey and palomino brown.

Anna Devane's Charcoal Grey V-Neck Sweater with Thumbhole Sleeves - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 01/04/17

Last week on General Hospital, Anna was hypnotized by Andre. Her goal was to remember a suppressed memory of her time training at the WSB, which Valentin has been taunting her about. Anna made some progress during the session. She remembered winding her watch as she walked down a dark corridor with a light under the door in front of her. Later, she remembered looking down at her broken watch on the ground, which was stopped at 11:05 on October 29th. A disturbed Anna explained to Andre that October 29th is her birthday.

During these scenes, Anna was wearing a charcoal grey v-neck sweater with ribbed trim and thumbhole sleeves by Enza Costa. Anna's cozy cotton/cashmere blend sweater is made in the USA, and it also comes in black, midnight blue (cadet), light heather grey, dark brown, and khaki.

January 13, 2017

Jordan Ashford's Black, Gold, and Teal Blue Sequin Midi Dress - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 12/29/16

On New Year's Eve, Jordan and Andre celebrated the evening at the Metro Court. After running into Curtis, Andre apologized to him for answering Jordan's phone. During these scenes, Jordan was wearing a lovely black v-neck midi dress embellished with gold and teal blue flowers and leaves by Dress the Population.

Here's a full length view of Jordan's sparkly dress:

Sam Morgan's Linear Crystal Drop Earrings - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 12/29/16

On New Year's Eve, Sam and Jason headed to the Metro Court to celebrate 2017. While there, Sam spoke with Carly. Later, when Alexis failed to answer her phone, Sam and Jason went to check on her. During these episodes, Sam was wearing a pair of linear crystal drop earrings by Crislu. Along with silver, they come in gold and rose gold.

Lucy Coe's White Chevron Faux Fur Coat - General Hospital, Season 54, Episode 12/29/16

On New Year's Eve, Lucy was preparing to officiate Maxie and Nathan's wedding, but then learned from Robin that Maxie was ill and the wedding was cancelled. During these scenes, Lucy was wearing a white chevron faux fur coat called the "Luci" coat by Sam Edelman. It's currently out of stock, but there are a couple on ebay right now. Lucy wore her black and gold sequin and lace dress previously when she was going to officiate Maxie and Levi's wedding.

Lucy's White Chevron Faux Fur Coat (out of stock). See more Sam Edelman Clothing.
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